Minimum Mandatory Sentence and Drug Trafficking Charges

If you’ve been charged with a drug trafficking crime, you may hear the term “minimum mandatory sentence.” Learning what this means in relation to your crime can help you better understand your charges and consequences.

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Continue reading to learn more about a minimum mandatory sentence in relation to drug trafficking charges in the State of North Carolina.

Hi, I’m attorney Derek Gray of McMinn, Logan & Gray. We are a criminal law firm located here in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and this is our FAQ series.

So today’s topic has to do with drug trafficking in North Carolina. And specifically, the question is: What does the term “minimum mandatory sentence” mean in relation to a drug trafficking charge in the State of North Carolina?

So one of the things you have to realize is unique to drug trafficking charges, specifically, they carry with it what’s called a minimum mandatory sentence. Now, this means that despite your lack of a criminal record, if you’re a record level one—meaning having no prior record—and are convicted of a drug trafficking charge, you will be sentenced to an active sentence.

Now, that sentence can range from anywhere from 25 months at the lowest level of drug trafficking, all the way up to 225 months at the high end. We’re talking about little more than two years all the way up to 19 years for a drug trafficking conviction.

Now, that time will depend on the type of drug you are in possession of, as well as the weight (i.e., how much of that drug you had). And if you are, in fact, convicted, you will be serving an active sentence.

Also unique to drug charges specifically is a mandatory fine. So, you are looking at a minimum mandatory sentence as well as a mandatory fine if you are convicted of a drug trafficking charge in the State of North Carolina.

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